Dr. Laura Dugan Presents at Algorithm Development for Security Applications Workshop at Northeastern University

Dr. Laura Dugan presented at the eighth annual Algorithm Development for Security Applications workshop at Northeastern University on October 24, 2012.  The objective of the workshop was to address automated threat recognition (ATR) algorithms for explosion detection systems. 


Dugan talked about deterrence of terrorism from a social science perspective so that the engineers in the room would be reminded to keep in mind the social context as they consider ATR algorithms.  In her conclusions she highlighted the importance of remembering that terrorists have larger missions that go beyond the immediate task.  This broader strategy leads them to innovate beyond the immediate security environment, making it necessary for ATR algorithms to consider the learning of their subjects.  Finally, Dugan also points out that many terrorists rely heavily on their constituencies suggesting that they may be an important intervention point.


Click here to see slides of the presentation.