Professor Tom Mauriello and CCJS Students Investigate a 1919 Murder Case

Tom Mauriello, Adjunct Lecturer for CCJS and CEO of ForensIQ Inc., traveled to Westmoreland County Pennsylvania the week of November 19th with two of his CCJS student interns, David Miller (Shady Grove Campus) and Brittany Schuh (College Park Campus).  They together with another CCJS student intern Carrie Wells, University of Baltimore, formed an investigative team this Fall 2012 semester conducting a “cold case” investigation concerning a double murder and a third family victim who survived her gunshot wounds.  How cold is this case?  It occurred on December 15, 1919 in Jeannette, PA.


After that tragic day, the surviving family members choose to hide the facts of this case from all their future family decedents.  Today, the surviving decedents of the family want answers to their questions:  What happened to their family on December 15, 1919?  Was the man responsible for the shootings brought to justice?  Why was the truth about their grandmother and two aunts shot by a fourth family member (son-in-law and husband) hidden from them all these years?


The team met with the Westmoreland County District Attorney, Coroner, and Sheriff’s Office, as well as researched county records and newspaper articles from that time period, in an attempt to uncover documentation of the offense.  To date, there has been no known investigative reports found that would answer the questions the family members so desperately seek to answer.


One of the descendants, a granddaughter and niece to the murder victims, who now lives in Chicago where most of the family moved to right after the murders, sought out the services of Professor Mauriello to help them find closure to a mystery that has followed them all their lives. 


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