Brendan Dooley
Brendan Dooley
Criminology and Criminal Justice Department
University of Maryland
2211 LeFrak Hall
College Park, MD 20742
(301) 405 0170

In 2011 a dissertation on the state of criminology's paradigm (Whither Criminology?) was completed and the doctorate conferred. Prior to arriving in College Park Dr. Dooley held an Assistant Professor position in the Department of Criminal Justice and Forensic Science at St. Augustine's College, a small historically black college in Raleigh, North Carolina. Dr. Dooley also has also conducted applied work at both the Illinois Criminal Justice Information Authority (studying probation and parole) as well as the University of Chicago.

Criminology Theory, History of Criminology, and Oral History of Sociology of Knowledge, Law and Society
University of Missouri-St. Louis
Loyola University-Chicago
Loyola University-Chicago
CCJS105 Introduction to Criminology Sections 101-108
CCJS105 Introduction to Criminology Sections 201-208
CCJS225 Reactions to Violence
CCJS 330 Contemporary Criminological Issues
CCJS451 Crime & Delinquency Prevention